Interested in increasing colorectal cancer screening rates within your primary care setting? The Cancer Coalition offers the interactive navigator training curriculum used in our award-winning Community Cancer Screening ProgramTM (CCSP)*. The curriculum prepares your staff to establish and maintain systems proven to increase colorectal cancer screening. Your staff will learn effective methods to facilitate provider referrals and coach patients through successful screenings, including colonoscopies.

The CCSP was developed in 2008 and research-tested to reduce colorectal cancer screening disparities among low-income, uninsured primary care patients. Using our proven curriculum, your staff will:

  • Understand the basics about colorectal cancer, risk factors, screening barriers, and screening options
  • Identify patients due for screening through medical record reviews
  • Establish and maintain provider and patient reminder systems
  • Conduct one-on-one patient education and coaching
  • Counsel patients to help them overcome personal screening barriers
  • Use proven strategies that ensure patient compliance.

The 16-hour training is divided into three modules for a combined total of 13 sessions. Sessions are delivered through lectures with slide presentations, discussion and role play.






If technical support is needed, please call the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia, a Division of Horizons Community Solutions, at (229) 312-1700.

*The Community Cancer Screening ProgramTM colonoscopy screening component is designated by the National Cancer Institute as a Research Tested Intervention Program. The program also was awarded Mutual of America Foundation’s national Community Partnership Award (2013) and the Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s  Joseph D. Greene Community Service Award (2014). In addition, the program is recognized as a best practice for reducing colorectal cancer screening disparities by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Healthcare Innovation Exchange and was highlighted as a Success Story by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Guide to Community Preventive Services.


Trainer Manual & Trainee Workbook- $399.00

Each additional Trainer Manual- $289.00

Each additional Trainee Workbook- $129.00