Tarccara Hodge serves as program coordinator of Horizons Community Solutions. She manages and implements health promotion through two evidence-based programs, Emory Prevention Research Center’s Healthy Homes Healthy Families and Center for Disease Control’s Prevent T2 Lifestyle Change Program. Tarccara has also worked as lead research specialist and a licensed regional navigator for the Affordable Care Act. Previously, she was a community research associate at the University of Georgia Center for Family Research. Born in Chicago and raised in 29 Palms, CA, she moved to Albany when she was 12. She received a BA in sociology from Albany State University with a focus in health science and social research. Tarccara is passionate about the needs and goals of her community and always puts herself in a position to help others who are not able to help themselves. She enjoys sharing great laughter and time with her family and friends, budget/thrift shopping and seeking adventure in the modeling world as both a hair and print model.