Community Transformation Programs and Services

Horizons Community Solutions is the catalyst for community health.

We transform local communities by working with local leaders to address “social determinants of health”. These are the underlying causes of health disparities in a community, including:

  • lack of access to healthcare
  • unemployment
  • low educational attainment
  • poor adolescent health
  • limited access to safe, affordable housing, and other issues.

We bring our expertise in health navigation, obesity prevention and tobacco control, and work with community members and organizations to implement proven strategies. The result is we help the community create systemic and sustainable changes that improve conditions in which all residents live, work and play.

How specifically does Horizons lead the charge in transforming a community?

We first work with local stakeholders to conduct a community health assessment, so everyone is aware of the current status of the community. We then collaborate with those stakeholders and other community leaders to build and strengthen a community health coalition.

Guiding coalition members through a detailed process, we facilitate them developing and implementing a strategic action plan. Throughout the process, we help the coalition evaluate outcomes of the actions.

We continually build the community’s own capacity to improve community health by offering training and technical assistance in program planning, evaluation, grant writing, and coalition building.

To view one of our community transformation collaboratives, click here.

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YOU can transform communities by your contribution!