Horizons Disparities Solutions Center is central to our efforts to reduce – and ultimately eliminate – the unequal burden of premature death and disease faced by many communities. The Center examines the social determinants of health (underlying causes of health disparities) and designs programs to address these issues within communities.

The Center has four core functions:

Delivery of culturally-appropriate outreach and education

We engage community, healthcare, and academic partners that share complementary expertise and resources committed to reducing premature death and disease among medically underserved and economically disadvantaged populations.

Delivery of high-quality services

We offer only evidence-based programs, meaning those that have proven effective in reducing health disparities.

Coordination of cutting-edge research

In cooperation with academic partners, we facilitate research to identify and address health disparities.

Serving as an expert information resource

Our experienced health educators, screening program staff members, and program planners assist partners in designing programs that meet the information needs of local health professionals, policy makers and others.

Help make our communities better places for all of us to live.