In cooperation with academic partners, the Cancer Coalition of South Georgia serves as an essential community partner for research studies to help our communities. Examples of important research topics include:

  • Prevention of cancer and reducing risks of cancer and other diseases
  • Cancer screening
  • Health navigation
  • Tobacco control
  • Information needs of primary care providers, and
  • Survivorship.

At Horizons, we continue to collaborate with university researchers to build upon our successful work and to study other important issues.

As one example, since 2004 the Cancer Coalition has been the lead partner of the renowned Emory Prevention Research Center (EPRC). Our collaborative, groundbreaking studies explore how social and physical environments affect obesity, physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco use.

Under the direction of the EPRC’s Michelle Kegler, DrPH, Emory University, Rollins School of Public Health, our research led to the development of a program – Healthy Homes/Healthy Families – that has proven highly successful in preventing weight gain. For detailed program information, please see Obesity Prevention.

EPRC’s research efforts in South Georgia are also guided by a regional Community Advisory Board. Advisory Board members provide guidance regarding research strategies as well as the norms of local communities.

Other studies involving the Cancer Coalition include:

  • Treatment Decisions and Quality of Life Among Prostate Cancer Patients in Southwest Georgia (Steenland and Goodman; Emory University)
  • Determinants of Patient Dropout from Cancer Therapy and Follow-up Care (Lipscomb, Gillespie, Goodman, and Ward; Emory University)
  • Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (Kegler; EPRC/Emory University)Collaborative research in South Georgia churches and worksites to implement and evaluate nutrition programs.
  • Evaluation of Patient Navigation Program to Promote Colorectal Cancer Screening in Rural Georgia (Honeycutt; EPRC/Emory University)
  • Leveraging Breast Cancer Health Disparity via an Integrated Translational Research Model (Chan; Albany State University)
  • Mitochondrial Factors and Prostate Cancer Risk  (Goodman and Petros; Emory University)
  • Georgia Cancer Study: A Statewide Cancer Risk Cohort Study (Mandel and Gillespie; Emory University)
  • Quality of Care Metrics Study (Lipscomb; Emory University)
  • State Registries as Platforms for Screening High-Risk (Breast) Cancer Survivors (Lipscomb; Emory University)

For results of our obesity research as well as other topics, you may access a sample of our publication abstracts by clicking here. If you would like copies of full articles, please contact us.

Help us learn more about cancer and other health problems in our area.